5 Best Games for the Microsoft Kinect so Far

One of the most popular video game items available right now is Microsoft’s Kinect. The Kinect is a new innovative video game system that allows players to play games by moving their body rather than sitting on the couch with a controller. The Kinect is Micorsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s Playstation Move. Of course buying the Kinect is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what game to buy to go along with it. It is important that the first game a child plays on their Kinect is a good one because you don’t want that money spent on a Kinect to go to waste. These are the five Kinect games that are the best and should be on every child’s Christmas list.
Sonic Free Riders
Sonic Free Riders is a racing game that stars the very popular Sonic the Hedgehog. To play Sonic Free Riders the player will have to bend their body in order to steer their vehicle. Players can also increase speed and perform tricks by doing kicking motions and jumping. During a race a player can acquire a special ability or weapon and each of these abilities and weapons have a specific body movement to activate them.

DanceMasters is developed by the same people that created the very popular Dance Dance Revolution games. It is the early stages of the Kinect so many genres of games are still going to take some time to perfect but dancing games are the perfect type of game for the Kinect. Moving your body back and forth to drive a car looks a little bit silly but dancing makes a lot more sense.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is a perfect game to be your first choice for Kinect video games. Just like with the dancing game this fitness game requires certain movements that actually make sense for the movement of the character.

Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports is similar to Wii but takes it to another whole level because not even the Wii’s controller is necessary. Some of the games don’t coincide well with the movements (like Track and Field) but using your arms to play tennis, bowling or beach volleyball are all winners.

Dance Central
Dance Central is another dancing game for the Kinect but is created by Harmonix. Harmonix is known for making the best dancing games and Dance Central did receive better ratings from video game reviewers than DanceMasters.

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