Bullet force: Should you get it?

Bullet force is a first-person shooter game, but if you are here for a story, then remember that it doesn’t actually have a story, so you will be engaging in a series of little fights or skirmishes set in various locations like a city, a forest and even an office building.

The game involves using military weapons which can be customized both functionally and aesthetically to engage in a ‘Deathmatch’ or a ‘free for all game’, where everyone has to basically fend for themselves. There are also other modes, called ‘conquest’ where players have to capture points on the map or ‘gun game’ where the gun gave changes constantly.

To be fair, the game only works when there is a keyboard or controller to guide it. This makes playing the game nightmarish

There are a lot of locations where the warfare takes place and it does mix up things a bit, but the point of contention is that it pretty disturbingly holds a conflict scenario in an office or a Japanese garden. The latter of which seems to be an aesthetically mis-tuned location

It is pretty bad to play on a computer or console, but it is actually even worse as a mobile game since the controls are just awkward. Here’s an example- the part of the mobile screen where people have to press to shoot is right next to where you will have to use your fingers in a sliding motion to aim. This makes the playing bullet force infinitely frustrating.

You will be able to get money by watching ads, so we would advise not to pay any real-world money for it because there is literally no reason to waste it on this game. Alternatively, just use a bullet force hack tool.

As mentioned before, one of the locations is an office and it is bizarre because not only is it a reminder of tragedies which have taken place in office spaces, but it also presents a hyper-realistic location which people have either seen or operate on. Here families should talk about violence in games with their kids to help them understand the issues. Whether video game violence is truly a thing or not, talking to the kids and being on the same page as them is beneficial.

The game is as bland and generic as its name. We would recommend you play it if you are bored and don’t have anything else to pass your time with.

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