An overview of fire battleground hack

Battle filed games are the most played games along with car race games. Strategy games are youths favorite there are many games one can play, and Free Fire Battleground is one of such game. It is a multiplayer game where one plays with such other players and tests their survival skill. One who will survive until the end of the game, the last survivor, will be the winner of the game. It is played from a thirdperson perspective. What does this mean? The player is seeing from behind the character in the game and making the aim accordingly. This game will strengthen and increase your survival skills in the game, and you will be the number one.

There are many Free Fire Battlegrounds cheats available online for one to use to play.

To make an attack the dropping points in the game is very important. Find for isolated places away from the chaos of the city. The other players against you will have similar plans, so make sure not to be shot in the sky. Always make sure to drop in near but outskirts of the city so you can be away from the enemies.

Having a look at the map at regular intervals is important as it will tell you where the safe zones, highlighted by a white circle are. These safe zones will not always be located at the same place and time. Once the safe zone becomes obsolete a new safe zone might appear, and you need to run for it immediately, but you should also be on a lookout that you are not tracked by other players. On the other hand, even you can aim any player out in the open, seeking for safety and target the aim.

You need to make yourself in cover. Try not to be in the open fields. In case if you have to cover longer distances, you can just sprint or crouch down to avoid drawing any attention. Cover yourself in the nearest building.

As there are safe zones, similarly there are danger spots in the game. Again the map is to your rescue; you will need to keep seeing the map. The danger zones will be in the form of orange blips. These spots on the map warn you about gunshot firing, warning off about where the enemies are. You can take this as an advantage and point the enemies and catch them off guard.

You cannot fight in the game with a selfprotected armor. You need to wear helmets to protect the head from any injury. The vests available protect you from shots. These are important for close combats. Bag packs increase your potential to carry more things so you can carry lot more weapons. All the weapons have level up gradation, which further increases the efficiency of the weapon.

Free Fire battlegrounds hack codes are available to get free diamonds and cash which isĀ very essential in the game for updating or upgrading the weapons and to increase the skills.

Samsung TL320 Camera Review: The New AMOLED Screen Camera

When it comes to consumer electronics Samsung is a household name. From flat panel televisions, to next generation media to digital cameras Samsung has always been on the front lines developing new consumer technologies. A perfect example of this is their new Samsung TL320 point and shoot digital camera. This camera is the first to offer the power saving AMOLED screen. It was leaked a week early from Amazon and is just now officially on the market. Is that new screen worth it?

Product Overview:

The first thing you notice about my point and shoot TL320 is the brushed stainless steel finish. If you prefer to be a little less flashy they offer several finishes including the standard black. The other unique and immediately noticeable feature is the gauges that indicate battery power as well as memory card availability. They look like a gas gauge on a car and offer the consumer an easy to read view of the camera’s availability of resources. Otherwise the controls are all easy to access via the finger dial on the upper right hand side of the camera. The screen menu controls are accessible from the back via a standard circular selector. I found that despite being on the rear of the camera the flash on / off as well as zoom options were quickly accessible during operation.

The unique thing about this Samsung Point and shoot camera is of course that AMOLED screen. This screen is 3 inches wide, and offers a 460,000 dot resolution. This screen consumes considerably less power while out performing the typical LCD display. If offers a striking contrast ratio of 10,000:1 providing clear and dark black levels. I found that this nice screen is especially important considering that the TL320 fails to have a viewfinder. The pictures are clear and crisp thanks to it’s 12 megapixel image processor.

There are plenty of features that go above and beyond on the TL320. First is the Schneider lens which helps take those clear crisp photos. Next is the video recording which boasts a high definition resolution of 720p. Other photo capturing features include self portrait mode, Red-eye fix, Blink detections, a smile shot, as well as a full manual mode for those expert photographers out there.

Product Value:

Prices currently range from $379 to about $320 for a new TL320. Keep in mind that this is the first of its kind and it has just been released. I feel like we may start seeing some price reductions in the near future as more manufacturers start to release competing models. Basically if you have to be the first one on your block to have the newest and greatest then it is worth every penny, but otherwise if you can wait a few months I feel like we may see a more reasonable price. Ultimately It does take great photos and the battery life is improved I feel like most will be pleased with the performance and innovative controls.