How to proceed step by step in growtopia?

Growtopia is a creativity game and is very fast when it comes to the items and the features. When a player is playing this game, they will be unleashing new chapters and unfolding new features after the accomplishing the next steps. Growtopia is a fun game where a player will begin to start collecting the seeds until he is having enough for planting and harvesting them. When the plants will be harvesting they will have to involve themselves in digging the dirt soils for collecting more seeds. So when the trees are ready to get harvested, the player will have to perform punching action that will break the tree and reward them with gems. So these are the steps that he will have to continuously repeat.

You can play this game on your Android or iOS devices and this game was created by Robinson Technologies. The game has been designed in a way that is not including the complexities which are often found in the creativity games. So it is a nice game that will help you to easily spend your leisure time.

Steps to perform

The entire growtopia game was built on the concept of splicing and planting the seeds, building the custom world, collecting seeds and making friends who will inhabitant in your world.

For navigation, there are some arrows that will help you to jump and move around and the entire game will be played on the side-scrolling landscape. If you want to slide up the inventory upside or down then you can easily use the tab present on the center or the bottom of the screen. All you have to do is tap on the items which you want to place or use and drag it to the destination.

For destroying or gathering the things all you need to use is your almighty punching and this is an ability that will be provided to you for collecting gems. After few practices you will be quite fluent with the method of running, digging, and punching and you will already feel like the pro.

The beginning task will indulge a lot of digging of the soil for the collection of dirt seeds or gems. When you will be having enough gems then you can easily rush to the shop and purchases the seed packet that will enable you to add some creativity to the game.

The maturity of the seeds will depend on the type as some may take seconds while others may take up to few minutes to become ready for harvesting. In the later stages, you may also see that the trees will take hours and days for getting reading for harvesting.

These few steps will enable you to understand how the game works in the beginning. If you are unable to collect a lot of gems then you can also use the growtopia hack apk for getting a large number of gems for easy leveling up in this game. Make sure that you are not blindly dependent on the cheats and try to build your own tactics for survival.

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