How to Play Hay Day

Vouchers are like a currency that is used in the game. It can be used to buy items which are not usually bought by gold, such as unique decorations or pets. Even though the game is played using only gold, the vouchers however can be extremely helpful in the game as well. The vouchers help in speeding up and making the farming, construction and other processes quicker and faster. Vouchers are, however, not easily acquired and you need to complete certain special tasks through which you can get hold of the vouchers.

One way of getting hold of the vouchers is through the boat orders as you complete their orders. Boat orders are basically items which are requested by your Hay day friends to you. You need to click on the boat that is on the river of your farm and load the cargo that will be shown on the menu.

The loading up of the cargo is the items which are requested by other players. The items which are requested are usually farm produce like dairies or fruits. In order to send the cargo, you need to click on any of the open boxes of cargo with a picture of the item that is requested. You need to keep on tapping or clicking on the box till the box is full and it closes the lid.

When the boxes are shut and you have filled them up with your orders, you need to send them off through the boat now. You will find the boat icon present on the lower right hand corner of the Load cargo option. Once you click the boat icon you can send the items to your friends who have requested for them. The load cargo option will then close and you will be able to see the boat sailing out to deliver the orders from your farm.

Once you have sent the boat orders, you will automatically get vouchers as a reward for the items you have sent. The amount of vouchers you get will be dependent upon the quality as well as the amount of items that you have sent through the boat orders, or by using a hay day hack.

This is not the only way to earn the vouchers, there may be other ways as well but for now this works great and is quite helpful for getting your hands on some free vouchers!

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